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History of Rompers and Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a piece that almost every modern woman owns at least even one pair. You can often see women these days wearing denim jumpsuit or other cotton or silk jumpsuits not just for work wear but also for casual occasions like picnic etc. They are fun to wear and children to older aged women love wearing this particular piece. You can find these beautiful jumpsuits in different fabrics, colors and styles in Just Kenya Boutique.

History of jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is a form-fitting one-piece garment that covers the arms and legs. It was originally developed in 1919 as a functional garment for paratroopers to jump from planes. A jumpsuit is a looser fit and more practical. Men’s boiler suits were worn by men operating coal fires and were first adopted by female military workers during World War II.

At this time, more form-fitting suits with flower-like legs were designed to better fit the female body. Jumpsuits were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in the 1890s.

The jumpsuits were probably the first of the three work wear to hit the fashion trend because of their slim fit. In the 1930s, fashion her designer Elsa Schiaparelli began designing jumpsuits for elegant women. Her one-piece suit got a lot of attention, but was probably worn by a select few. American designer Vera Maxwell’s sporty style hit the streets in the mid-1940s, but was still considered a novelty.

Although the jumpsuits worn by women during World War II were largely utilitarian (Rosie the Riveter exemplified them), American designers such as Bonnie Cassin however took styling jumpsuits in after a decade the rompers and jumpsuits became very popular.

The jumpsuit was then considered sportswear by day, at night there were leather one-piece suits and embellished designs. Almost every designer, from Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior to André Courrèges and Yves Saint Laurent, had their own take on the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits in the 1970s were unisex and popular with both men and women with slim waists. Cher and Elvis adopted the style as part of their stage personas, and Halston’s chic designs were regulars at Studio 54.

Jumpsuits became so popular in 1980 that American designer Jeffrey Bean declared them the ball gown of the next century. However, the style fell out of favor by his early 2000s, so it may have reached saturation. Then in 2002, Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquiere began experimenting with fabrics and patterns, sending updated jumpsuits down the runway.

And the style has been revisited. Easy to wear, versatile and with a little bit of life, the jumpsuit has become a modern wardrobe staple. Today sexy rompers and jumpsuits for women are made by almost every leading fashion houses in the world and local shops also do make this item because of its high demand.

Tips to style a jumpsuit

Layer over a trench coat

If you live in a cold country, pair this jumpsuit with a cool, contrasting trench coat. Not only does it look super chic, it keeps you warm.

Wear a top over your

If you don’t want to show too much skin, don’t wax, or have days that are too cold, fear not. Simply slip a basic half- or full-sleeve t-shirt over a strappy jumpsuit. No one will know what you’re wearing underneath, and you’ll look like you’re wearing really cool pants.

Wearing a Turtleneck

Another very stylish way to style jumpsuit is with a turtleneck underneath for the winter season. It gives a very retro and sophisticated look. Feel free to play with colors. If you have a black dress with thin straps, you can style it with a black turtleneck sweater inside and accessorize it with gold jewelry and a top knot for a very classy all-black look.

  • Lower the strap and stack it over the tube top

This look is perfect for a fun brunch or party. Choose the coolest pair of earrings or choker to style this open-shoulder look. Take the straps down and wear a tube top for a little twist on a simple jumpsuit.

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