The Ninja Foody Power Blender is a beast of a blender. Mix dough and chops of meat. It has a cup for creating smoothies and shakes to go and an attachment for crafting Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls. Tested well, but it’s not the cheapest blender. Available on ninja blender black Friday.



  • Makes smoothie bowls out of frozen ingredients easily.
  • As well as chopping and mixing dough, a pitcher may also
  • Connectors that hold up in the dishwasher


  • Lots that are costly to store
  • Blending heated liquids is not possible.


Whether it’s a full-size model with a pitcher or a portable cup blender, Ninja Blenders Reviews is recognized for producing high-quality appliances that get the job done quickly and efficiently. Unique to this line of appliances are high-tech blenders that can also operate as food processors.

The Ninja Foody Power Nutri Blender 3-in-1 with Smart Torque & Auto-iQ in the UK is the brother of some of the top blenders, and we’ll take a look at it here. Australia’s Ninja Food Power Blender and Processor System is identical to the Ninja Foody Power Blender & Processor System with Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor sold in the United States.


It has a big pitcher that can be used with a scary blade assembly for crushing and chopping, or with the dough blade assembly added, it can mix up the dough for cookies or bread. A travel lidded cup and a blade for blended drinks are also provided on Ninja Blenders Reviews. And for those who haven’t heard, smoothie bowls are the new smoothies, and the model’s power Nutri bowl, or smoothie bowl maker in the US, makes it easy to whip up these once time-consuming and finicky delights.


This multifunctional gadget has 10 blitzing speeds and six auto-blending routines, making it an indispensable addition to any kitchen. It performed quite well in all of our testings, and it was simple to set up and begin using right away. According to Ninja Blenders Reviews, This appliance is a no-brainer if you like blending tough-to-mix foods like smoothie bowls or nut butter. However, unlike other blenders, this one can be use to knead the dough, making it a fantastic versatile tool for serious chefs.


Specifics about the Ninja Foody Power Blender and Processor System’s retail cost and availability

The Ninja Blenders Reviews and Processor System with Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor is marketed as the Ninja Foody Power Nutri Blender 3-in-1 with Smart Torque & Auto-iQ in the United States and Australia. The model may be purchased from Ninja directly in all three regions.

While it may seem like a lot of money for a blender, this one has a lot more features than the normal blender does while still being very affordable. Everything that comes with the Ninja is sold separately, so you can replace a broke part or get a second smoothie cup if you want.

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This Ninja Foody Power Blender comes with a 72oz/2.1-liter plastic pitcher with a pouring spout. The pitcher may be use with a plastic dough blade or a six-blade complete crushing and chopping blade.

There’s a 24oz/700ml cup with a sipping spout for smoothies or shakes. The smoothie cup’s blade fits the smaller power Nutri bowl, or smoothie bowl maker in the US. This innovative attachment contains a built-in tamper that’s activate by manually twisting the top while it blends, making it great at mixing hard and frozen materials without sticking or missing food pieces.

The blender measures 37 x 21.4 x 21.8cm with the huge pitcher connected (h x w x d). Two extra cups and a dough blade need storage space. The polycarbonate pitcher weighs 3.1lbs/1.4kg with blade and covers on Ninja Blenders Reviews.


This versatile blender can accomplish many jobs, thus we did extra tests to cover most things. In the primary pitcher, smash ice. Ninja’s six sharp blades crushed six ice cubes in 10 seconds.

Next, we blitzed hazelnuts using Chop auto. This five-second software may be run many times to finely cut the contents. The nuts didn’t do well. After 25 times pressing start, there were still hazelnut bits. So we tried speed 1 on manual. After one minute, the chope nuts were improving, but they were still uneven and chunky. Blenders can’t uniformly chop nuts.

Chop made dicing meat much easier. We run the software five times for 40 seconds to get the optimum ground beef texture. The dough blade easily blended bread dough in the blender. Suction cup feet held the blender securely attached to the counter as the dough blended into a thick mixture.

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Last test: smoothie bowl on Ninja Blenders Reviews We followed the recipe book’s instructions and filled the blender with almond milk, frozen berries, and peanut butter. Once on the base, we picked the 30-second Mix programmed (Bowl programmed on US/Australia versions) and turned the paddle repeatedly for the complete duration. After 30 seconds, the Ninja created a smooth. A thick frozen smoothie that was ready to be topped.

The Ninja was loudest while chopping hazelnuts, and ice, and mixing a smoothie. Beef cutting was 79dB.


You’re looking for a quick method to whip up smoothie bowls.

When using other blenders, you may need to pause the blender many times to stir the liquid and get the frozen fruit to thaw enough to combine into a thick, creamy smoothie bowl. Here, we have a special attachment that allows us to whip up a healthy and filling smoothie bowl in under a minute.

A blender that can process dough is what you need.

Normally, a blender wouldn’t be the best tool for mixing bread or cookie dough, but Ninja’s special dough blade can handle even the heaviest of doughs, eliminating the need for a separate food processor or stand mixer.

You’d want to prepare portable smoothies.

This blender not only has a huge pitcher, but also a smaller cup and lid that have their own blade attachment so you can mix your smoothies and shakes right in the cup before you take them with you. If you wish to equip the whole family with Ninja cups, you may do so.

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