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Desert safari in Dubai VIP desert tour

About the tour provider

Desert safari out the various safari operators, there was one that stood out to us and that was Platinum Heritage. It is understood the corporation provides high-priced wilderness safaris in Dubai. We agreed that if there was a Dubai hobby that could be leveraged practically, it would be.

Well, we embarked on many big games including visiting Burj Al Arab (we walked inside), Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel, Aqua venture Waterpark, enjoying the sunrise over Burj Khalifa, exploring Abu Dhabi Town. . And about every souk in Dubai, however, there were no regrets to see that we had time for our lifestyles. The consistently glowing reviews of Platinum Heritage Wasteland Safaris and their mind-blowing list of celebrity customers (Will Smith, Selena Gomez, Kylie Minogue to name a few) speak for themselves.

A unique area

The Dubai Wasteland Safari takes place in a non-public, royal wilderness retreat within the coronary heart of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). Only a privileged few have the privilege of working in the environment of this fragile arid region. This is where the flowery Almaha Desert Resort is located. With this privilege comes the responsibility to recognize desert landscapes and biodiversity. The reserve is home to hundreds of Arabian oryx in addition to Arabian and sand gazelles. you may need to know about avis

A responsible tour agency

VIP desert tour is prides itself on its sustainability plan. All their jungle safaris are spectacular but supervised by educational and certified conservation courses. Examples of their sustainable approach include a Bedouin camp powered by solar energy, Land Rovers that were rebuilt as a way to reduce carbon emissions, the use of chrome steel water bottles, and the natural world Acts as an environmentally friendly alternative to hitting the dunes. The focal point of the proper Emirati historical past is with local dance performances rather than imported dances including camel and falcon welfare, belly dancing, and Tanura dancing.

Our pleasure

Our desert safari starts at 14.30 hrs with timely pickup. Use Jafar, our delightful guide for the day at our Jumeirah Lodge. Another couple, also staying at our resort, joined us for a ride in a Toyota Land Cruiser. After about an hour and a brief stop at the Al Murmoum Camel Race Track, we arrived at the meeting factor inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

There, a dozen people were guided to their preferred tour: a vintage Land Rover tour or a camel ride. We had chosen the final and the camels attached to the business or 3 were eagerly waiting for us. We were given adventure percentages with chrome steel water bottles and a team of workers kindly tied our Bedouin-style scarves.

Girls should sit together on a camel and a husband, and I called each one a ship of the desert. We climbed onto our camel’s hump and bent down in time for the fun component while the camel pushed up. We handled ourselves pretty well, if I may say so myself. Then we were in the Arabian desert, only because the sun was beginning to set. It became such a non-violent pleasure. Also photo-perfect, due to the fact that no sunset is as spectacular in an arid region. Read Also more about car rent please click : Car rental Delhi

Why do we agree with Dubai is the ultimate safari?

It’s a carefree experience with a hint of luxury, just the way we like it. And even though Dubai’s desert safaris can have a reputation for being too touristy, Platinum Heritage Safaris’ precise and impeccable curation gives it an authentic and intimate feel rather than a touristy one. The workforce is very attentive and every little detail is taken care of. The colorful series of vintage Series I and II Land Rovers make it very photogenic.

Other Dubai Desert Safari Favorites

Wondering which Dubai desert safari is out of the ordinary for you? It definitely depends on your expectations, budget, and pursuits. Desert safaris in Dubai are available in all kinds of variations, from the traditional to the isolated, from the romantic to the thrilling, and everything in between. Enough to make your head spin. But don’t be depressed! We did a lot of research, resulting in a list of favorites. Read Also more about car rent please click : Car rental Mumbai

First rate low-cost Dubai desert safari

Dubai Desert Safari Red Dune: BBQ, Camel Ride, and Sandboarding. Operated using Amar Tours.

Night desert safari offers complete entertainment at a very low cost. It includes pick up and drop off, hitting crimson dunes, sand boarding. Camel rides as well as a sunset photo session. It comes in a great entertainment model or a dinner blanket. Models with Tanura and belly dancing displays as well as a hearth show.

Morning Safari, Sand Surf, and Camel in Al Khaimah. Operated by Oceanaire Travels

The extensive model of this morning’s desert safari includes pick and drop off. Dune bashing, sand riding, camel driving at a camel farm, and drinks. To top it off, you can upload a proper Arabic branch at Al Khaimah Heritage House within Dubai’s Al Fahidi Historic District. We loved having dinner there during our ride (no longer jungle safari related) and were definitely in favor of the place and the food.

Best Overnight Wasteland Safari in Dubai

Overnight Heritage Desert Safari Powered by Platinum Heritage. It’s what we’ve detailed above, and it includes an adventure %, either an hour-long nature safari using a vintage Land Rover or a camel caravan, a falconry demonstration, a four-course dinner, and cultural entertainment. included.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to spend the night in the stone living room and enjoy breakfast in the morning. Note that the camp is not always ready for the rain but running water, as well as smooth toilet facilities, are available. This recognition is based on responsible travel and true Emirati culture. Activities take place in small groups and are limited to 24 people to enjoy in one day. you may need to know about delhi to chandigarh distance




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