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How to Select the Right Electric Scooter for your Needs?

how to maximize the autonomy of your electric scooter

Are you looking for an electric scooter but there are so many models that you don’t know which one to choose? It happens to many of us. We’ve created this guide to help you learn about the features of an electric scooter and find the one that best fits your personality.

Electric scooters are becoming a mass transit trend every day. Its portability and compact appearance make it ideal for short trips, allowing you to easily avoid traffic jams, especially in bustling London. Easy to use, foldable or portable, ideal to take with you wherever you go. They are perfect for meeting friends, shopping or going to the nearest pub.

Benefits that electric scooters bring to your life;

Smart Transport; With an electric scooter, there is only one way, you can go anywhere. It is a versatile tool that adapts to most environments, especially in large urban areas. They are very useful when you want to cover short distances because of their compact size and easy controls. It can take Off Road Electric Scooters to the next level.

A new kind of pastime; Riding an electric scooter is not only an easy way to get around the city, it’s also a fun hobby. You can buy it for yourself or your kids and it will provide hours of entertainment for you and your family whether you are at home or on vacation.

Environmental Protection; As the title suggests, electric scooters are battery operated. The battery is fully charged in a few hours and you can start a new adventure. As a direct result, riding an electric scooter protects the environment.

Folding Frame; Electric scooters are designed to fold easily and quickly. You can fold the scooter and keep walking when you finish driving or power outages.

Easy to use; The electric scooter is easy to use. It’s as simple as throwing, pushing off the ground, and voila. Thanks to the easy-to-read display, easy speed control and effective braking, you are in full control of the scooter.

What to look for when choosing an electric scooter;

After deciding on an electric scooter, first consider what you want to do with it. In addition to the design, the maximum range, engine power, maximum speed, etc. Other factors are important as well. The following aims to familiarize you with the points to help you find the best scooter for you.


First, consider how and how often you want to use the scooter. If reliable transportation to work or school is required, you should choose a more advanced model with a larger battery capacity and higher engine power. However, if you buy a scooter for leisure and infrequent travel, you can get a cheaper trip.


The maximum autonomy of one battery cycle is another important point to consider when choosing an electric scooter. Compare the features of various scooters and choose the largest selection that fits your needs. Without a doubt, the most expensive models with high-quality batteries have the longest battery life.


The maximum range of the scooter is proportional to the battery capacity. Generally, the maximum range is between 15 miles and 60 miles. However, the battery capacity is also affected by the terrain, driving style and rider’s weight. You can see how low the battery is on the scooter’s display. Generally, the greater the maximum range, the greater the battery capacity (AH).

Weight restriction;

The rigidity of the electric scooter’s structure sets the weight limit. All Electric Scooters can support an adult’s weight, but some are sturdier than others. We offer scooters with a weight limit of 120-150 kg, depending on who you buy them for.

Most electric scooters have a collapsible frame, which makes them easy to transport. Nevertheless, it is good to know how easy it is to fold the scooter and how much it weighs. When choosing a scooter, consider how often you will transport it and how long it will take to fold and unfold.


Most electric scooters have throttle controls on the handlebars to help you accelerate. The number of selectable speeds may vary, but the speed setting method remains the same. We also have models with cruise control, which allows the scooter to maintain a certain speed while driving.

Brake systems;

The braking system of an electric scooter is available in several different configurations. Some models have a foot brake in the rear fender, which can be used to stop the scooter quickly. Some have built-in electric brakes that make the scooter smoother. However, most often you will find a standard rear wheel brake (drum brake or disc brake) that is operated by a lever on the handlebars, like on a bicycle.


Tubeless and inflatable wheels are the most common types of wheels used in electric scooters. Tubeless wheels are made of durable materials, so there is no risk of punctures. When they are worn, they must be replaced. The advantage of pneumatic tires is that they follow the road and better absorb the shocks of uneven terrain. Some models may have a shock absorber on the front wheel to reduce shocks.

You can choose between different wheel sizes. Larger wheels are more stable and generally better for rolling over rough terrain.

Engine power;

The Electric Scooter motor is connected to a battery that powers it. The more powerful the engine, the better the driving experience. The motor power varies from 250 to 5000 watts. More powerful motors are more suitable for heavy people or for climbing.

All of the information above is designed to make it easier for you to choose a new electric scooter and choose the model that is right for you. It is also good to consider the scooter’s lights and reflective elements. If you know you will be riding a scooter in poor visibility, remember to take the necessary precautions. For some models, we offer special accessories that can make your electric scooter even more enjoyable. For example, you can add a saddle to your scooter or hang a bag on the handlebars to carry all your essentials or groceries. Always check the compatibility of these accessories with your scooter.




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