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Instructions On How to Draw Piglet Easily

Instructions On How to Draw Piglet Easily. Winnie the Pooh and his friends have delighted young and old since he first appeared in 1926. Since then, he has appeared in many media and has become even better known through his Disney incarnation.

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Some of his friends are equally loved, and the other Pooh, the beautiful Piglet, is perhaps the most famous and popular. If you love this nervous Piglet, you should have a lot of fun drawing piglets! This is the tutorial to follow if that’s what you want, as we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to know.

How to Draw Piglet

Step 1

In this first step of our piglet drawing guide, we’ll start with the Piglet’s head and ears. His head is drawn as a rounded shape that has two sections.

Please do your best to recreate the shape of her head as we show it in our reference image! Next, we’ll add his ears to his head. Each ear has a rounded base and ends with a sharper tip.

Before proceeding to the second step of the guide, you can add two curved lines near the top of her face, which will be her eyebrows. Once all these aspects are drawn, let’s move on to the next part!

Step 2

In this second step of the pig drawing, we’ll add a body and a pair of arms to the little guy. The Piglet is often shown with a somewhat shy look, and we will contemplate the pose in which to lure it.

Its body is drawn with a curved line to indicate that it is stretching backward. The reference image shows how you can tilt your head around her body to create this coy pose. So, you can finish this step by pulling her round arms behind her back.

Step 3

Continuing with this tutorial on drawing a piglet, we will add his legs in this part. We said in the last part that he poses to look a little shy, which will be reflected in how we position his legs.

Her legs are drawn as thin shapes with rounded ends and angled so that her knees are reversed to each other. That’s it, so if you’re ready, we can move on to the next part!

Step 4

It would only be a complete pig drawing with its adorable face, so let’s add it to this step. You can start by drawing two small black dots for her eyes, reasonably close together. Next, add a curved line between them and draw her rounded nose attached to that line.

Then draw a few more curved lines outwards from the base of her nose to draw her smiling mouth. Before moving on to the final details in the next part, you can add some slightly curved horizontal lines under her eyes to accentuate her facial expression further. Then you’re ready to move on to the final details we mentioned earlier!

Step 5

In this fifth step of our tutorial on drawing piglets, you’ll put the finishing touches before moving on to the last step. These should be easy to add, as you must draw curved horizontal lines across the body.

Draw Piglet

Once you’ve drawn them, you can color them in for the next step! Before moving on to this last part, you should add all your details. You could add a cute background or draw more Winnie the Pooh characters to match Piglet.

Step 6

For the final stage of drawing the pig, we’re going to finish it with some nice colors. Piglet is known for having few colors for his design, but his color scheme is pretty specific nonetheless!

Piglet Drawing

It’s colored in different shades of pink, which we’ve been looking for in this guide. You can refer to our sample image if you want it to look exactly how it looks in the movies, or you can use some of your colors for a unique piglet variation.

Once you know what colors to use, you can also have fun choosing artistic media. Watercolors would be fantastic for recreating the look of the film, but you can also use some light mediums like acrylics and colored markers if you prefer.

Your Piglet Drawing is Finished!




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