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How I get real KBC Complaint Number 2023

The KBC Complaint Number and customer service number were contacted for lottery-related information. This is for the help of KBC fans. You can enter KBC Lucky Draw 2022 for 25 Lakh. Call the KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati customer care number and enter the KBC 2,500,000 Lottery today.

Kaun Banega Crorepati customer service number

This is the Real KBC Complaint Number for those who face fake calls from scammers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the KBC Secretariat.

Find the location of your nearest KBC office where you can file a lottery-related complaint.

Jio KBC Mumbai Headquarters Number: You can complain about fake calls

  • We will continue to upload the list of KBC lottery winners from time to time. Here you can check your name and phone number and see if you are a winner.
  • For exact lottery number details, please call the KBC headquarters phone number if you have any questions. Our helpline carrier is on 24 hours an afternoon.
  • I don’t pick up unnecessary calls. Our officers do not have time to give you more time, so you need to finish the conversation as soon as possible. Our officers receive many calls every day, which mustly answered. KBC cannot responsible for funds deposited into an unknown person’s account. You must record any fraudulent calls to our workplace immediately.

List of KBC lucky winners:

KBC Headquarters Mumbai WhatsApp Number and KBC Customer Service Number. This is the main WhatsApp number of KBC Headquarters and the official phone number of KBC is 0019197097959. Apart from this, calling any kind of number or receiving calls or SMS is considered fraud. If you want to participate in the KBC Game Show or want to know more about KBC, please click here. Please call KBC’s official customer service number 0019197097959.

KBC Lottery Online Number Check 2022:

To check the lottery online:

  • Call the KBC WhatsApp number and tell the representative that you are a lottery winner.
  • Tell him the lottery number and the 10-digit winning SIM card number, or send a text lottery ticket via SMS and enter <space>.
  • Please send the WhatsApp number 00019197097959. Our representative will contact you

JIO Lottery KBC:

Geokoji! Participation in Jio Lucky Draw requires minimal effort and no registration is required. Jio lottery may be connected to any SIM card. Just follow the simple steps below and your mobile number added to the KBC JIO lottery.

You are in the right place and it is easy to contact us, please call the KBC helpline number

KBC helpline phone number KBC lottery number JIO lottery number

KBC Helpline 0019197097959 is valid for 12 hours a day. Airtel or any SIM card subscriber can call this number to hear answers to all questions raised in KBC since its launch on Sony TV.

12 hours an afternoon from nine am to nine pm, in any other case it’s going to now no longer work

You can contact the customer support team directly by calling this number. Apart from this wide variety, you can’t name another wide variety withinside the KBC headquarters. It is the principal parent of Kaun Banega Crorepati. All different numbers and websites are fake. KBC has workplaces in Delhi and Mumbai. Kaun Banega Crorepati is found in New Delhi.

Our support office is located in Mumbai

(KBC) Kaun Banega Crorepati is an Indian video game show where participants can win the highest possible cash prize by correctly answering 12 consecutive multiple-choice questions. Is this the first edition of the global Who Wants To Be A Millionaire franchise? Television layout created via way of means of the British manufacturing corporation Celador International.

The title of the show itself is a Hindi translation of a quote from the English film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), which has become a classic since its release. It is host Megastar Amitabh Bachchan.

KBC office address:

For additional information and assistance regarding Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai and KBC, please visit your nearest KBC branch or call the customer service line lease call me at 9:00.

KBC Mumbai Lottery Headquarters No

If you or your friends, family or relatives are scammed, you can register a complaint. If you receive a call or message of Rs.

Mumbai has leading data protection to protect your information and the data you provide to fraudsters, your protection is our top priority. Our representatives are 24/7 in our workplace to manually shield you from counterfeit goods.

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