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New Certificate 4 in Information Technology in 2023

You will be able to assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with a general Certificate 4 in Information Technology. In addition, this course will give you a broad knowledge base in problem-solving and cyber security.

You must complete 13 electives and seven core units to earn Certificate 4 in Information Technology.

This qualification is possible in one year (approx—18 hours per week, full-time or equivalent part-time.

You can expect to spend about the same time in private study to learn new skills and practice your existing knowledge.

Information about costs:

The 2022 Semester 2 Enrolment Fees for this course are calculated based on the following costs per subject. The system’s price may vary depending on whether elective subjects are chosen or if issues have been attempted multiple times. The ACT Government partially subsidizes subject costs identified as “standard.” In addition, eligible students may qualify for concessions.

Information about fees for this course is available on the Apprenticeships & Traineeships Page. The total course cost could vary if subjects are tried more than once. Read below mentioned certification.

Cybersecurity Certificate Program

The certificate in cybersecurity provides students with both introductory and advanced education in cybersecurity management. Learn how to spot and fix security issues and how to create proactive security plans that utilize personnel management and ethical hacking to strengthen an organization’s information security.

As technology improves our ability to communicate with one another in business and life, the world is becoming more complex. As a result, organizations of all sizes are constantly concerned about cybersecurity. The program will allow students to develop valuable skills in information security management and cybersecurity. This program and the career field require a solid understanding of computer science and development.

This program was created to give students the flexibility they need in today’s modern world. Students can access courses 24 hours a day and work at their own pace, provided they complete the program within the eight-month deadline. Email questions to instructors are welcome.

Upon completing the online cybersecurity program, students will receive a certificate from Washington Technical Institute. WTI is an accredited online school accredited by the Middle States Association.

Developers’ Job Outlook:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of information security analysts will grow by 33% between 2022 and 2030, which is much faster than the average. Cybersecurity professionals help develop and implement strategies and plan to protect the organization’s networks and systems.

Database Management Certificate Program

This certificate in database administration is intended to give students a solid understanding of database management. Students will be able to learn the concepts, design, implementation, management, and principles of SQL programming language and methods for managing databases.

This program can help you learn database management skills in eight months, regardless of whether you’re already working in IT or looking for a new career. This program is ideal for web developers who are already proficient in database management.

The program is self-pace, entirely online, and includes synchronous learning sessions with instructors and other students. This model is believe to help both material comprehension and soft skills/network development.

Upon completing the online database management program, students will receive a certificate from Washington Technical Institute. WTI is an accredited online school accredited by the Middle States Association.

Developers’ Job Outlook:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that database administrators and architects will see an 8% increase in their jobs between 2020-2023. This is average. The role of a developer is to provide computer design services and help build and maintain databases of any size. Organizations of any size need well-trained database administrators to manage this network.

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