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What Are The Top SharePoint Development Advantages?


The recent pandemic Covid-19 has demonstrated how teams must collaborate seamlessly for various business operations and processes. Businesses all over the world have embraced the new work-from-home concept, and advanced technologies and tools have enabled them to collaborate virtually without any barriers or issues. Microsoft SharePoint is exactly that! Did you know that SharePoint Development is used by over 200 million professionals worldwide? It is now time to go over SharePoint and some of its unrivaled benefits in detail in order to understand why you should use a Custom SharePoint Development Company for your business.

SharePoint is a robust, highly flexible, versatile, and secure Microsoft-powered web-based collaboration and document management system. SharePoint connects and collaborates with business teams by utilizing various applications and tools such as workflow applications, “List” databases, security features, and other web parts.

SharePoint’s adaptability is one of its key strengths. Two organizations could use it differently and still achieve the same results. Users benefit from this flexibility because they can tailor it to their specific business needs.

You can use SharePoint Development to create an intranet that functions similarly to a website. In addition, users can create subsites for various departments. It is a centralized collaboration system that allows administrators to share and edit documents with stakeholders.

What is SharePoint’s Purpose?

When working remotely, easy access to critical documents and seamless collaboration among teams is critical to productivity and efficiency. SharePoint’s primary goal is to accomplish this.

SharePoint allows authorized users to securely view, edit, and share documents within the system. All you need is a web browser and an active internet connection to work effectively from anywhere on the planet. File versioning, integration of SharePoint with other third-party apps, indexing, advanced search option, web interface, and many other features are available.

SharePoint allows you to manage all of your corporate documents and set access controls for these documents. You can boost productivity and efficiency by creating intranet websites, automating tasks, and developing customized applications for your teams.

Furthermore, SharePoint is a highly secure platform, so you don’t need to be concerned about security.

In this post, we will go over some of the benefits of SharePoint Development to help you understand why you should have it in your organization.

What are the advantages of SharePoint?

Real-Time Collaboration Made Simple

Collaboration is one of the most important SharePoint benefits. We are all aware of the importance of working and sharing documents in real time for improved workflow, decision-making, and other aspects.

Furthermore, when multiple employees work on the same document, the process devolves into chaos. For example, everyone is editing the document and sending out different versions via email. Someone has locked the document for editing, so you can’t update it. The entire procedure is chaotic.

When you use SharePoint, however, the scene changes dramatically. When you work on a document in the SharePoint environment, all changes made by team members are automatically synced, eliminating the problem of multiple versions.

You can also view the document’s entire version history if you want to see who made what changes in the document.

The collaboration does not end there. You can instantly connect with the other team members via chat at any time. You can share screens and collaborate in real-time to increase productivity and efficiency.

Document Exchange

In the same way, that collaboration is important, you should share your documents with other team members for feedback or review. It can be difficult for a single person to manage documents for editing, comment on them, and then return them to the senders. Manually combining all edits and comments is a difficult and error-prone task. It must be avoided.

SharePoint is used to streamline document sharing and believe me, SharePoint Development does it well. It uses a much simpler and smarter method of sharing, editing, and reviewing documents in real-time.

All you have to do is save a file to a SharePoint document library and grant stakeholders access.

They can read, edit, and comment on the file. You only have one document with all of the edits and comments. There is no need for emails, saving you time and reducing the risks associated with them.

Improved security

The government, healthcare, medical, legal, finance, and other industries place a premium on advanced security measures when it comes to information sharing. When dealing with these industries, you must follow strict security compliance and regulatory guidelines.

Furthermore, cybercriminals have become more sophisticated and creative. They can easily circumvent even the most advanced security measures to steal data.

As previously stated, there is no need to be concerned about security when using SharePoint. You can freely collaborate with other team members and share documents within and outside your organization. Your documents and communications are all safe. SharePoint Development has strong data encryption and cloud backup to keep your data safe.

Users in SharePoint can configure security settings down to the individual file level, effectively eliminating all security risks. A vulnerable document file on the SharePoint HR site, for example, can be shared with only one team member. Documents, sites, folders, and lists can each have their own set of permissions.

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Final Thoughts

SharePoint is one of the most popular document collaboration platforms, and it has carved out a niche for itself by providing users with some incredible features. We hope that these SharePoint benefits are compelling enough for you to consider implementing SharePoint in your organization. You can also integrate your SharePoint with third-party SharePoint web parts, add-ons, and other components. Cubix offers a diverse set of SharePoint applications for data visualization, content management




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