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Exquisite Sarees Collection To Flaunt Your Style in Winter

The wedding season is in winter this time. So what are you planning to wear to the wedding function? Of course, sarees are every woman’s top priority when it comes to decking up for wedding events. But is it possible to wear a saree in this chilly weather? Ummm… YES! Of course, it is possible. All you will need is to style it differently.

A regular saree blouse can be too revealing. You may feel cold in the mid area, which shall cause discomfort. We are sure you wouldn’t want that. And dumping a saree also isn’t a good choice. Are you planning to wear a sweater on top? No, no, no – that will steal the charm of Designer Sarees Online, Websites and ads are filled with such ideas. We advise you to follow them blindly. You can have comfort with no compromise in fashion while wearing a saree in winter. Just follow our quick style ideas to drape in winter.

  • Adorn A Shawl: What is the most comforting thing in winter? It is the shawl! Many women club their kurta sets with elegant shawls at weddings. How about doing the same with sarees? Sarees are generally made of flowy fabrics like chiffon, georgette, silk, net, and so on. Anyone can feel cold in this. But just by draping a shawl on a saree, you can feel warm and cozy. Take a sophisticated pashmina shawl matching your saree or contrasting shade and wear it on your shoulders to gleam the occasion with your charm. You can even go for a sequined shawl if your saree is plain. Are you concerned about hiding the latest saree collection that you are wearing? Don’t worry – it will be visible from the front!
  • Donning A Cape: Back to the time when kings wore capes to enhance their personalities. Even you can follow the same to enhance your saree look – get a cape and tie it to your shoulder. Cape is the new fashion which is taken by many ethnic outfits nowadays. No matter whether it is a salwar suit, gown, lehenga, or saree, a cape looks absolutely royal. You can go with a cape of the same fabric as your saree or get a woollen cape with tassels. Keep it minimal if your saree is full of work and vice versa. Remember to touch it up with a broach! 
  • Wear A Jacket: Jackets are soul dresses for winter. We generally wear them with jeans, trousers, and much more western wear. But have you imagined wearing jackets with something ethnic? Yes, you heard it right! Jackets are the new style that matches up really well with ethnic garments, especially sarees. Instead of a blouse, you can wear a waist-length jacket or a trench coat. Drape a saree on it with a belt, and you are all set. Similarly, you can even wear a Nehru coat, long shrug, or a blazer on a saree to beat the chill. Neha Dhupia is well known for carrying this attire. Even you can adorn this by picking a solid shade jacket or contrasting one on any saree. Have a plain white or black saree – try experimenting with a denim jacket because even that looks fabulous! How about a leather jacket on a sarees? Well, that shall look fantastic if you style it correctly.
  • Pair-A Full-Sleeve Blouse: Blouses are all about deep necklines and varied cut sleeves. Let’s break this monotony by wearing a full sleeve blouse. Just like Indian Kurtis have gone full sleeve completely, you can opt for the same for sarees. A long-size blouse with sleeves is what many celebs also adorn. They all looked gorgeous in it, and so shall you if you contrast it accordingly with your saree.
  • Top A T-shirt: Do you have a range of sarees collection? Need help with what to wear with them? After all, you cannot repeat the same blouse again and again. One most accessible ways to do this is to grab your plain white or black t-shirt and wear it instead of a blouse. A body-hugging t-shirt is an excellent idea! This will give a blouse feel, will keep you warm, and at the same time will reflect a high sense of fashion. Look for a turtle neck t-shirt as they pair amazingly with sarees. Trust us; you will have chic look on carrying this style.
  • Drape it with a suit: A suit is often paired with a dupatta or a shawl. Let us make a change this time by pairing it with a saree. A normal pantsuit can keep you warm, while a drape can create a chic look. For instance, a small Kurti with a palazzo or pants, when draped with a half saree, will look elegant and unique. This style is very simple to carry. Just get a piece of pantsuit and saree online or grab it from your wardrobe to carry this look effortlessly. 


These were some unique draping and matching ideas that you can do to look sassy in this wedding season. Sarees are pretty versatile; it just needs creativity to shine. First, no matter what style you carry, ensure you are comfortable. Your hairstyle also plays an important role, and secondly, don’t forget the saree.. It has to be apt such as the range of sarees from Tirumala designers. This online saree shop has modern sarees that every woman would love. The store has infinite prints and patterns to make you look the best in sarees Online shopping experiences with them will surely be unforgettable as they have been in the saree industry for years now. So, what are you waiting for? Select the best pieces today!

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