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Trendy Style Guide For Your Winter Wedding Wear Wardrobe

Winter is here! It is time to roll in quilts and blankets, have soup, gajar ka halwa, and get your head massage done. Well, this time, it is not just limited to this. Wedding season is coming – we have to plan something for that too. But what? The clothes! Winter will come and go – but the wedding tradition and customs will always be in our memories. Those elegant dresses, yummy food, and unlimited pictures are incomplete without wedding wear. 

Have you decided on any clothing yet? Something warm and stylish is ideal! Do you have such a dress? We all generally shop keeping the wedding in mind but not the season; it is challenging to repeat an outfit because it may lead to discomfort. For instance, a sheer saree can give you chills at a winter night wedding. So, what would you do? Buy one – Naeeh!! Buying is an extra expense as you may not wear the same dress in summer. Additionally, it consumes storage space and money. Then what? Getting wedding wear on rent is the finest option. The renting process is straightforward and does not require repetition. In short, you save money and have a new dress to wear every time. But before you rent, keep the following things in mind.

  • Try Out Heavy Silky Materials: Silks are among the coziest fabrics for a winter wedding. The warmth required by every woman is provided by heavy Banarasi Silks, making it an ideal saree for a winter wedding. You can pair the saree with a thick brocade blouse to feel warmer and cozier. Although these clothes are made of heavier silk and work, they are particularly not that heavy. In fact, they are lovely in both appearance and feel. Experimenting with dark hues in this category would be a great choice. Keep this in mind when you plan to get wedding wear on rent.
  • Layer It With A shawl: The concept of layering is perhaps one of the latest saree fashions for a wedding party. You may express your sense of style while keeping warm by layering. Get a garment that matches the design of your saree for a winter wedding. If a cape or coat is not an option, consider a plush Pashmina shawl instead. These tiny shawls, with their unassuming simplicity, give so much! You can gently throw the folded cloak around your shoulders or simply rest it on your arm with any ethnic wear. For instance, you can get a gown on rent and layer it up with a shawl from your wardrobe. By this, you will save a lot!
  • Go For Suits: Sarees are pretty revealing and can make you feel cold. So, why go for it? How about wearing a suit? You will surely love this idea. The suit will cover you up completely and shall also give a warm feel, especially when it is made of silk, brocade, or velvet fabrics. You can cover yourself fully with an elegant dupatta or shawl. If you are planning to go with this wedding wear, we recommend you go with vibrant colours so that your suit doesn’t look much simple. 
  • Cover With Sleeves: Full sleeves are very trending currently. Almost all ethnic wear is either sleeveless or full sleeves. Sleeves add elegance and make one look slim as well. Additionally, it will keep you cosy during the winter. Adopt this style for the wedding season this time, and feel comfortable in any outfit you wear. You can experiment with it with a blouse, Anarkali, or even a lehenga, for that matter. Bell sleeves, cuffed, and so many more sleeve patterns are new to the fashion world that you can wear them and create a style statement. Remember, if you are planning to take a gown or lehenga on rent, ensure that it has full sleeves.
  • Avoid crop tops: Wearing comfortable clothes is the most important of all. Wearing a dress that freezes you from top to bottom is a big no-no. Revealing clothes will make you ice cream! Invest in good thermal wear that you can wear inside your dress, and most importantly, don’t go for half blouses or crop tops. Indo-western lehengas can be new experimentation, on the other hand. It is a great alternative to hot crop tops. By this, you will be distinctive among the crowd!


By following this guide, you will be able to make the best of the winter wedding season. Winter is just going to last for a few months, so we recommend you . Online platforms are now available with numerous varieties and cdesigns, such as as Popin. Clothes on rent in Mumbai  are available at this store. You can check their online renting wedding wear collection and visit their store for trials and pickup. Yes, it is that simple. From regular gowns to unique designer engagement gowns on rent – this outlet has almost all sorts of wedding wear and accessories on rent.

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