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How Rico Suarez Went from Actor to Entrepreneur

Rico Suarez is a 27-year-old Latin-American actor and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Rico Goods, an online retailer that sells apparel, skincare, jewelry, vitamins, and supplements. Rico Suarez is also the founder of Rico Companies, a group of companies that include Rico Rare, Rico vCard, Rico Marketplace, Rico Campaign, Rico Links, and Muvr. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Suarez went from acting to entrepreneurship and find out what lessons we can learn from his story.

Rico Suarez’s journey to entrepreneurship began when he was just a child. His father was an entrepreneur, and Suarez recalls always being fascinated by his father’s business ventures. When he was old enough, Suarez decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and start his own business. He started by selling candy in his neighborhood and then started a pet-sitting business. From there, he transitioned into acting and found success as a child actor.

However, after a few years of acting, Suarez realized that it wasn’t his passion. He decided to pivot back to entrepreneurship and started Rico Goods in 2017. Since then, he has quickly built up a portfolio of successful businesses. What sets Suarez apart from other entrepreneurs is his focus on diversification. Rather than putting all of his eggs in one basket, he has built a broad portfolio of companies that are all thriving. This diversification has allowed him to weather economic downturns and come out ahead.

Rico Suarez is living proof that it’s never too late to pivot into something new. His story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever felt stuck in their current career or situation. If you’re feeling unfulfilled or lost in your current line of work, take some time to consider your options and don’t be afraid to make a change—you never know where it might lead!

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