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Choose a Unique Dissertation Topic on Different Nursing Fields | An Overview

Nursing students are aware of the advantages of this career path; it offers decent pay, challenging work, flexible scheduling, a variety of career opportunities, and upward career progress. It is a healthcare-related profession, so demand will always stay strong. A nurse is in charge of caring for a person or family who is ill, helping them recover, and ensuring they live a good and healthy life.

This work is ideal for you, mainly if helping individuals at their most vulnerable times makes you feel content and pleased. Every student struggles and meets obstacles while in nursing school, but one of the most challenging ones is finding and presenting an original, plagiarism-free dissertation. A degree in nursing is not easy to obtain because of the complexity of this course. And selecting dissertation topics nursing is challenging because it requires independent research on unique and novel concepts. In addition, nurses make up the majority of the healthcare workforce, and there is evidence of a shortage of trained nurses on a global scale.

Types of Nurses

Whether you wish to work with patients in their homes or help doctors or surgeons in hospitals, the nursing profession comes with various responsibilities and offers different salaries. Let’s look at some options for nurses, both new and experienced, who need clarification on which specialty is best for them.

Certified Nursing Assistant 

A CNA, also known as a nursing assistant, assists patients with daily activities and healthcare requirements. Nurse assistants are responsible for the sorts of care that is supposed to be given, and they need to be attentive to the provisions of individual patients because they frequently care for several patients with diverse health needs and help them in waking and repositioning. 

Licensed Practical Nurse

The term “LNA” refers to a nurse who has finished the foundational level of training and has obtained a license to perform regular medical care on sick people, such as changing bandages, taking blood or urine samples, and monitoring blood pressure. They are supervised by more experienced nurses, such as registered nurses (RNs) or doctors. They can carry out some medical tasks but cannot diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses (RNs) organize patient care, inform the public and patients about various health issues, and offer counsel and emotional support to patients and family members. Many professionals are often surprised by how difficult being an RN is, and most nurses know what they’re entering into and the difficulties with patient care.

Surgical Assistant Registered Nurse 

This position carries a great deal of responsibility and necessitates further education beyond nursing. Their duties include assisting surgeons with procedures such as helping the surgeon in choosing tools, holding open incisors, clamping, stitching wounds, cauterizing, injecting, retracting, controlling bleeding, and more. 

Home Care Registered Nurse

Home health care is a practical way to offer patients high-quality care in the convenience of their own homes. Home health nurses are equipped to provide patients of all ages with comprehensive in-home care, including medicines, close monitoring of symptoms, changing dressings, etc. They ensure that the patient receives the appropriate treatments and care. A home care nurse must guard against errors after a doctor visit or makes a diagnosis. 

Emergency Room Registered Nurse

The duties of emergency room nurses include assisting medical professionals, carrying out simple procedures, and attending to patients who have suffered trauma, severe allergic responses, or critical injuries. ER nurses specialize in urgent care and assist doctors in medical emergencies. The work of ER nurses is difficult and stressful. They are asked to respond swiftly to treat people who are experiencing medical emergencies.

Labour And Delivery Nurse 

They help new mothers during the entire labouring phase. In addition, they keep an eye out for any difficulties that might arise after delivery and may carry on tending to patients in the days following the birth. It’s more complicated to work being a labour and delivery nurse. To care for new parents through one of their most crucial stages in life takes a lot of patience, expertise, and knowledge.

Clinical Nurse Supervisor 

Supervising the work of nurses and other healthcare workers falls to clinical nurse supervisors. When discipline is required, nursing managers employ constructive methods. They put extra effort into making sure the nursing department runs well.

Nurse Case Manager

A nurse case manager creates, executes, and evaluates healthcare strategies for patients recovering from critical injuries or dealing with chronic conditions. Since each patient’s needs will differ depending on their health condition, each case is examined separately. The case manager ensures that all the specialists and doctors cooperate to give the patient the best treatment possible.

Critical Care Registered Nurse

They have the expertise and training to care for patients who are critically ill and suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Critical care nurses cooperate with doctors and experts to monitor, treat, and care for critically sick patients while also providing for their basic needs. Additionally, they may work in hospitals or offer in-home care. For example, patients in the ICU frequently receive several IV infusions or are evacuated. Because of this, registered nurses working in critical care units require a higher level of equipment and monitoring expertise than other nurse practitioners.

Oncology Registered Nurse

The study of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and therapy are known as oncology. Oncology nurses play a critical role in cancer care teams by offering knowledge and support to patients facing a traumatic diagnosis. This profession requires strong compassion and the capability to perform well under emotionally challenging circumstances.

Health Informatics Nurse Specialist

It’s a category of nurses trained in both the creation and application of medical technology and healthcare provision. They integrate medical expertise with the IT realm. It demands solid technical aptitude, creativity, and new technology adaptability. Additionally, they keep up with organization standards, update medical software and hardware, and train hospital staff.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

APRNs treat and diagnose, manage serious illnesses, and provide public health advice. APRNs are at the forefront of offering the general population preventive care services because they frequently serve as primary care practitioners.

Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Their duties include enhancing patient care plans in collaboration with doctors, social workers, pharmacists, and nurse specialists. On occasion, they also assist patients in bed. They also offer guidance on specific conditions or treatment methods.

Nurse Practitioner

The skills of nurse practitioners include patient examination, diagnosis of diseases, interpretation of laboratory and diagnostic testing, and administration of medication and treatment. Their training only focuses on the fundamentals of disease prevention, care coordination, and health promotion; it needs more depth of knowledge to identify more complex problems.

Nurse Educator

A nurse who instructs and prepares registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN) for admission into practice jobs is known as a nurse educator. They can select a specialized area of study to teach in. Many colleges offer Nurse Educator programs that prepare nurses for any workplace.

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If you still need to figure out what kind of nurse you want to be. The information mentioned above may help you understand the distinct duties of many nurses, and you can choose any according to your preferences and abilities. The nursing profession has tremendous potential to improve people’s lives. No matter whatever specialty of nursing you select, all universities only award degrees if you finish all required coursework, especially in Master’s or PhD programs where you must present an original dissertation. Many students who struggle with this assignment look for online Nursing Dissertation Help Birmingham services to buy.; this saves them time and lessens the stress of their complicated lives. If you have the same issue, you can also get dissertation help UK and succeed in this area with good grades.




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