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Sip Perfect Brew with Basic Coffee Making Equipment

An espresso shot in the morning is what you need after a long night to make it to work. Or a perfect cappuccino with steamed milk on a coffee date. Most coffee shops prefer brewing the beverage using machines. However, one can taste the true flavor of coffee when manually brewed. 

Now, the question arises of which method is better. Using a Stagg pour-over dripper is better, or a simple coffee machine? The brewing process or equipment used, time spent, and many other factors influence the selection. So, here we will discuss some essential coffee-making equipment you need to brew a perfect coffee cup. But first, let us understand the difference between machine brewing and manual brewing. 

Difference Between Machine & Manual Brewing

Machine Brewed Coffee

Are you running late to the office? Save your time by avoiding a halt at a coffee cart and brewing it at home. Modern coffee consumers are basically instant coffee drinkers. So coffee brewing machines are a big time saver for modern coffee lovers. It allows them to sip their favorite coffee, be it a latte, cappuccino, or espresso, by pushing a button.

A coffee brewing machine and its other equipment are an expensive purchase. Often brewing machines have a metallic sheet filter. However, one can also invest in a better option and use a Chemex bonded filter. Therefore, it is equally important to make an informed decision on this. Then, depending on your preference, you can buy a coffee machine. 

If you are not a fan of latte or cappuccino, save your time and get yourself a simple espresso machine only. But if your tastebuds demand different versions every day, you will need to spend accordingly. 

Manually Brewed Coffee

Those who have the morning ritual of drinking coffee opt for manually brewing it. This way, it may take some extra time, but it also allows them to multitask simultaneously. However, only a true coffee enthusiast understands the pure essence of brewing coffee manually. The process of brewing coffee in this manner involves three major steps. First, it is grinding the coffee, then pouring the water over it, and allowing it to brew. Finally, it requires a lot of patience to get that perfect sip. Apart from the process, the quality of equipment one uses to brew coffee affects its taste. 

Coffee-Making Equipment You Need

Here is a list of all the necessary things you might need to make coffee at home by yourself:

Weight Scale

The ratio of coffee weight and water used to make it is a factor affecting the taste. You may not like to drink a strong cup of espresso. Thus it is important to maintain the ratio. The accuracy of this ratio is the key to enjoying the same coffee every day. 

Coffee Grinder

Converting the coffee beans to powder is a difficult task to do. A coffee grinder has different sets for fine grinding levels. With each level, its taste changes. Therefore, the size of granules of coffee powder should be even for a perfect brew. 

The big particles left while grinding go by the name boulders. And fines are comparatively smaller in size. While brewing, if the coffee is not grounded properly, it will give an uneven taste. Therefore, it is wiser to buy a mechanical grinder or grind your coffee beans thoroughly. 


The dripper comes into play when the pour-over method of brewing is being used. A Stagg pour over dripper allows the water to run past the fine coffee. As a result, coffee lovers can enjoy a perfect sip of their smooth coffee. Moreover, such coffee does not have a single hint of bitterness in its taste. 

The pour-over method gives the coffee maker a hold of the beverage’s taste, texture, color, and intensity. In this pour over method, the temperature of the water is in the hands of the brewer. Water too cold can make the coffee thin, and hot water can produce burnt-tasting coffee. Henceforth, brewing it by the pour-over technique can be the perfect coffee for the evening.

Filter Paper

The filter paper is a major influencer on the taste of coffee when manually brewed. It is the separating layer between the coffee powder and the final beverage. Use a Chemex filter to avoid getting grounded coffee powder stuck between your teeth.

A Chemex bonded filter is a gift of developing technology for coffee lovers. These filter sheets are specially designed to rule out the unhealthy and impure components from the final drink. So, to enjoy a healthy and tasty coffee, this is what you need.

Final Takeaway

Above here, we briefly discussed some key differences between machine brewing and manual brewing of coffee. Over time, the way of brewing coffee has drastically changed. Be it manually brewed or with the help of a machine; the end goal is to enjoy the beverage. If you prefer quality, go with manual brewing, and if you are in a hurry, go with machine brewing. And when it comes to coffee making, these are the basic equipment you need by your side. 




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