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5 Benefits of Using Social Media

The way we talk to one another has evolved due to social media.

In order to protect our online identities, we need to be aware of the latest tools available to us.

Online, we often talk about our “Personal Brand,” a term that encompasses both our professional and personal identities. Both the private and public “YOU” can be part of your Personal Brand.

The use of social media has the following five advantages:

1.   Establish Contact with People

Social media’s interaction between businesses and their customers is only one aspect.

In truth, social media’s core purpose is to facilitate interpersonal relationships.

You may have heard me say, in one of the Social Shift training sessions I’ve done, that I’ve met nearly all of my friends in San Francisco online.

From a career viewpoint, making online connections with peers, mentors, and role models is a great way to expand one’s professional network.

You can expand your resources for finding jobs and mentors if you put in the time to cultivate such connections.

2.   Make Your Knowledge Available To Others

With the help of social media, you may share your expertise and establish a reputation for yourself.

If you share your knowledge, you can meet new people who may become valuable contacts in your career or personal life.

Mastering the art of networking will allow you to meet more individuals who share your interests and values if you can effectively communicate your professional background, accomplishments, and outcomes.

Sharing information in areas where you have extensive expertise is a great way to be noticed.

This is true, not just for your online persona.

When your offline behaviors are consistent with your online identity, you establish credibility and provide value to the relationships you’re cultivating.

3.   Promote Your Brand to A Wider Audience

By focusing on your area of expertise and maintaining a constant social media presence, you may raise your profile and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

If you regularly post high-quality content, your audience will grow as a direct result of the number of times it is shared.

However, this has nothing to do with just promoting material. Interacting with the material produced by others is also essential.

In order to create relationships (a theme here!) and increase the likelihood that others will come to you for help, it is essential to follow and communicate with others on social media.

4.   Learn As Much As You Can

The Internet is a noisy place.

Social media allows you to narrow down what you actually care about and what you really want to read.

You can organize the most interesting and relevant information into lists based on the people, organizations, and topics you follow.

Getting up-to-date on what’s happening in the world and your area is a breeze.

5.   Talk Whenever You Want

I understand that this may seem like a drawback to some of you.

However, the potential drawbacks are outweighed by the benefit of being able to converse and connect with anyone quickly.

Networking events, conferences, and meetings can all benefit from social media before, during, and after the event.

Meeting you in person will go more smoothly if people have had a chance to get to know you beforehand.

In my own experience, I’ve made instant, in-person connections with folks I’d previously only known virtually.

Possibilities abound in the brave new world of social networking.

Using social media has various practical and personal advantages.

 To make ourselves a hub of possibility, all it takes is some tender loving care to start constructing and molding our brands.



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