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Cake Carts and Other Concentrates | Different Types to Get High

If you are fed up with using cannabis that no longer makes you high, we have a better alternative that will spike your spiritedness along with highly potent material. You can use concentrates that are extracted from natural bugs and carry high values of THC or CBD level, depending on the process and the ingredients. These concentrates are believed to be highly effective for experienced users offering different effects. Their consumption may vary from device to device, but concentrates are rising in demand in the market due to their unmatched strength and mouth-watering strains. Here are some types of vaping devices and a list of different concentrates that are used in the juices of the cake carts.  

Types of Vape Devices

Reusable 510\1010 threads 

This is the most common and traditionally designed vaporizer. Since cake 1010 cartridges are found in most of the vape stores, they are easy to maintain and can be readily replaced if broken. The majority of them are disposables, but some may have the benefit of being refillable and rechargeable. This makes them the prime choice for daily smokers. It is also known as a vape pen, resembling its look from a pen.  

Disposable vape

Disposable vape pens are incredibly popular and convenient as all the elements like battery, cartridge and coil are infused during manufacture itself. With no additional need to charge and refill, they are useful for experimenting with different strains and enjoying the vaping experience with minimal maintenance. Unlike cake 1.5-gram cartridges that are refillable, disposable vape offers a single time use. 

Device-specific (proprietary carts)

Many brands produce cartridges that are dedicated to the particular device and can not be used in just any vaporizer. Such specialized devices allow for greater control over temperature and other features. They do suffer a drawback since they are available only to special retailers and not all stores. 

Common concentrates used in the cartridges


Distillate oils are left over from complex extraction processes that single out desired cannabinoids. Due to this extraction, distillations can yield the highest purity of 99% THC or CBD. Terpenes are later infused back to improve taste and viscosity. 

Live resin

Live resin is butane hash oil which forms the major component of cartridges. They are known for their tickle taste buds. Flash-frozen to preserve the freshness of the plant, terpenes, and cannabinoids are later extracted through chemical processes leaving potent juice as its residue. They are considered one of the highest-quality options in the cannabis market. 

Live rosin

Live cannabis plants are used as their starting material and no chemical solvent is used in any of the processes. Instead, the fresh frozen plants are treated under extreme pressure and heat to extract a concentrated oil. This is a great choice for health-conscious cannabis consumers.

Full-spectrum extract

Full-spectrum extracts provide the cannabinoid and terpene profile typically found in the cannabis cultivar. Along with THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, they contain around 500 other bioactive compounds extracted from plants. These compounds offer a synergistic experience and produce the entourage effect. 

CBD oil

While most cannabinoids have a high concentration of THC, some producers have begun to work with CBD. They dominate CBD in the common ratio of 2:1 and bring new refined products to the market. 


There are numerous devices in the market that you can buy according to your preference, be it disposable or fillable. Cartridges like cake carts have enhanced the experience by offering multiple strains to be used within a single device, while disposables offer long-lasting vaping with negligible maintenance.

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