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How to Create the Best Quality of Hang Tags for Your Business

Creating the highest quality of hang tags for your business is not as hard as you might think. There are a few simple steps to follow that will allow you to create beautiful tags that your customers will love. You can even create a unique look that will make your tags stand out from the crowd!

Folded Hang Tags:

Adding folded hang tags to your products can help to increase your brand recognition, sales, and brand loyalty. Unlike the traditional tags, these tags can be folded and shaped to add more room to tell your story. Creating a custom hang tag for your business is easy with the help of the GotPrint mobile app. Simply upload your design to the app, compare prices, and print your custom hang tags.

When designing your hang tag, remember that the most important element is the copy. This copy should contain a few key points that are important to your business. These points should be concise and easy to read. Make sure that the copy is typo-free to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

The other important element is the design. This is where your logo comes into play. You can add your logo to the front and back of the hang tag, or have a graphical background pattern. Choose a paper with the appropriate look for your brand. You can also choose a glossy finish to give your hang tag a more noticeable sheen.

The design should also match the brand you are selling. This will help your target customer to associate your brand with the quality of your product. A design that is unique is more likely to attract attention.

Safety Areas:

A hang tag can also include a summary of key features to help your consumer build trust in your brand. This will also help your brand to stand out among competitors.

When creating your hang tag, you can use a pre-formatted template to help you save time. These templates include cut lines, bleed lines, and safety areas. The templates come in 300 dpi resolution, and are available in CMYK color mode. If you are unsure of your hang tag design, you can always ask for a proof.

You can also print your hang tags on other paper. For example, eco-conscious brands may want to use recycled paper. Or you may want to go with thick, luxe papers to convey your product’s luxury.

In addition to your brand’s logo, you can add inspirational quotes, a description of your business, or a unique feature of your product. These can help to encourage customers to make a purchase. They may even give them a reason to keep your hang tag.

Provides Extra Protection:

Choosing a Matte Hang Tag is a good way to add extra protection to your printed designs. These tags are printed on a 14PT or 16PT C2S stock and come in a variety of finishes. The matte finish adds an extra layer of protection without the harsh glare of gloss.

Metallic print gives your design a more vibrant look. It also helps to add a bit of a 3D effect. The metallic PMS can be combined with spot UV to highlight specific design elements. Metal hang tags are often more expensive than other types of tags, but they are durable and weather-resistant.

These tags are also available in various thicknesses. The thickest is 75 mils, which is primarily used for towing signs. You can also purchase tags in 23 and 35 mil thickness. These tags can be laminated with reflective materials to add anti-counterfeit features.

Price Tags:

Matte hang tags are easy to write on. This is a good choice for price tags, barcodes, and text. They also have a matt finish to give them a natural look. They can also be sprayed with a gloss finish, which provides the same level of protection as matte.

NextDayFlyers offers hang tags in gloss and matte finishes. They also offer die-cut hang tags in different shapes, so you can create your own custom labels. Their hang tags come in a variety of sizes, including rectangular and square. They can also be printed in 10 pt., 14 pt., or 16 pt. gloss. These tags are also available in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, red, green, black, gold, and silver.

You can also order a matte hang tag in a variety of shapes and sizes. These labels are perfect for t-shirts, hats, and other apparel. They can be die cut to include your logo and business information. You can also add stamped foil to one side of the tag to add some extra shine.

Brand Name and Logo:

The matte finish is a great choice for hang tags, especially when you want to add a bit of extra protection without a harsh glare. If you have a product that you want to sell in outdoor environments, you may want to consider using a Matte Hang Tag.

Adding a brand name and logo to hang tags is a great way to help sell your products. This gives your clothing a personalized touch, making them more recognizable. They also allow customers to learn more about your brand. They can help you answer customer questions, create brand awareness, and generate repeat purchases.

When you’re designing hang tags, make sure that the copy is short and simple. This will help to highlight the most important points, leaving out the unnecessary information. It should also be typo-free to prevent embarrassing mistakes.

Feature Stripes:

Depending on your product, you can include information about the product, the company, and even the customer service department. Adding a personal touch to your product tags will make your customers smile.

If your product is more technical, such as a tool or accessory, you can include details about the product’s features and benefits. You can also include a call to action, such as an online order or contact information. Your hang tag can also include a picture of your product.

You can choose from a variety of premium finishes for your hang tags. Some options include spot UV, which provides a luxurious feel, and silk laminate, which offers 1.5 mil silk lamination to protect the tag. You can also use foil printing to make your tagline pop.

Another option is to create a tag with a fading background. This will draw the eye all the way around the tag. This will also give the tag a vintage feel.

Designing Hang Tags:

Your tag can also feature stripes on the back, adding visual interest. Another option is to use a honey bee or other shape. This can also help to capture the product’s personality and pride.

There are a lot of options when it comes to designing hang tags, making it easy to get confused. The team can help you create a tag that suits your brand. They offer short turnaround times and a wide variety of premium finishes.

While the design of your hang tag is important, the information on it is just as important. The goal is to convey the essential information in a way that is tags paper read and appealing. You don’t want to waste time and money by creating a tag that doesn’t do its job.

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