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Reasons to Hire a Funeral Home

Whether you are deciding to have a funeral for a loved one or you are considering having one yourself, you will want to consider some of the most common reasons to hire a funeral home. These include the cost of the funeral, the process of embalming and disposing of the cremains.


Embalming is a process that removes the body’s bodily fluids and replaces them with preservative chemicals. This helps to preserve the body for a longer period of time, though it does not guarantee the body will remain in the grave indefinitely. The rate of decomposition depends on the type of chemical used, the humidity in the air, and the temperature of the burial site.

Embalming is an ancient practice, dating back to Ancient Egypt when they used herbs and oils to preserve their dead. Today, the process uses chemicals like formaldehyde to preserve the body. These chemicals are then diluted with water.

During embalming, the body is arranged in a room that is kept cool. During this process, the muscles are loosened and the facial features are softened. Some of the body’s organs are also removed.In addition, the eyes are often placed in plastic eye-caps to maintain their shape.

Disposing of cremains

Whether you’re planning to scatter ashes or bury them, there are several options available. It’s important to follow the rules and regulations of your state and locality, as well as to check with the authority that oversees the scattering of cremated remains.

Some people choose to scatter ashes on a favorite spot. Others choose to store them in an urn or decorative box. The container used for storage can be a plastic or cardboard box.

Cremation is the most common option for body disposition. Some families choose to hold a ceremony before cremation. This can be arranged by an agent or by the next-of-kin.

Cremation is also offered by some funeral homes. Some of these homes rent caskets for the ceremony.In many cases, the funeral home will dispose of the remains after the cremation. The funeral home must follow local regulations and may need to get the approval of the family.

Costs of funeral arrangements

Having to deal with the costs of funeral arrangements is not something most families are used to. The emotional shock of losing a loved one can cloud their judgment, making it hard to decide what is best for the departed. Fortunately, proper planning can help keep family members from overspending and create a meaningful and memorable experience for friends and family.

Funeral expenses vary greatly depending on the type of service you choose. Some funeral homes will offer discounts and other incentives in order to help families pay their bills.

A good rule of thumb is that the cost of a burial with a memorial service is combined. This does not include the cost of a casket or burial plot. A simple funeral without a memorial service can cost as little less.

There are a few other costs to consider, such as embalming services and transporting the body. You should also ask the funeral home for a general price list. This list lists the prices for services, merchandise, and other fees.

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Direct burial vs direct cremation

Choosing between direct burial vs direct cremation involves many factors, including your beliefs and family traditions. You may also want to know the costs. Knowing the differences can help you to avoid unnecessary stress for your loved ones.

In general, direct burial costs less than a traditional funeral. The price includes the purchase of a burial container, transportation to the cemetery, and basic services at the funeral home. Cremation prices vary depending on the type of funeral service, the type of crematory, and the final disposition.

Funeral home staff usually handles direct cremation aspects. A funeral provider may hire a third party crematory. A funeral home will provide a general price list (GPL) before conducting business with a customer. A GPL does not need to be mailed, but it must be given to the customer before the funeral home makes arrangements. The funeral provider may not embalm the body without the permission of the family. This is an optional service, though. It gives the body a measure of dignity.



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