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The Guide To Wearing The Right Shirt

Looking for a t-shirt that has the perfect fit? The perfect t-shirt is a basic element that cannot be missing from your wardrobe and is the safest bet in fashion.

However, there is no one size fits all, nor is there one style that fits everyone. Plus-size, Capri-style, V-neck, slim-fit, branded, screen-printed… The search can be exhausting and not always satisfying.

Luckily, at Perk, we have the perfect solution. Our wide range of fits and styles aims to end ill-fitting T-shirts. Do you want to renew your wardrobe or have a garment that speaks for you? Look no further and continue reading: here you will discover our collection, get styling tips and find inspiration from some users who dress with style.

Shift focus over to The Past To Decide Your Future

The T-shirts in English, owe their name to the T-shape that both their square-cut body and sleeves have. The T-shirt is as simple as it is versatile and had its origins as an undergarment. Used as a barrier to protect expensive garments from the body’s natural perspiration, it evolved into an outerwear and work staple. The first indications that the shirt was used as an outer garment date back to the end of the 19th century. Workers cut their uniforms to keep them cool during the warmer months. Today, the T-shirt is an essential element of style, since it resists changing trends and, moreover, is a symbol of rebellion.

The first step in choosing the perfect best quality t-shirt is to determine what you need and the occasion you are going to wear it: to go to the beach, to a party, to work, to go on a coffee date, or maybe on any occasion.

The Perfect Fit

The fit of a t-shirt says a lot about you. You have to get the perfect fit, so stick with it once you find it. This is a basic that never gets old. Do you prefer a long cut? Do you like the loose cut more than the right one? Do long sleeves suit you more or do you prefer a crop top that highlights your shape?

A tight shirt doesn’t have to restrict you, it should also allow you freedom of movement. The goal is to find a comfortable fit that looks good while also making you feel good. A well-fitting, plain white T-shirt, while simple in design, can add a considerable touch of sophistication. Combine it with your favorite jeans or work pants and you have the winning style. It is the simplest and the most relaxed classy las vegas outfits idea for men.

Choose The Fabric

The material from which a T-shirt is made can enhance its appearance. A thicker weave adds weight and can sometimes convey higher quality. Instead, light fabric is essential in summer. Cotton or any cotton blend is a very useful ingredient to keep you cool and comfortable. Cotton fabrics are breathable and easy to iron and wash. It has been proven to be an efficient fabric and an ideal choice as a durable garment for everyday use.

The T-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is very comfortable, simple, and versatile. If you buy it in different colors, you can adapt your style to the mood you have in just an instant. On the other hand, the cotton T-Shirt is made from a soft and durable cotton jersey fabric, while offering comfort and style.

Styling Ideas

The t-shirt is the foundation of many iconic outfits, so it’s no surprise that this piece of clothing has stood the test of time. It’s easy to match, always in style, and refreshes your wardrobe. The P collection offers you comfortable and modern t-shirts for both men and women.



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