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What to Wear With Khaki Pants – Important Things You Need to Know

Khaki pants are some of the best easy-to-wear pants that can be worn with many different things. The military has used the color for a long time. It has been used in battle gear for decades, especially in warm desert areas where the light color blends well with the landscape.

Khaki is an important part of a modern wardrobe. Khaki pants, in particular, are as versatile as navy chinos or denim jeans. The color is a great alternative to navy or black if you want a sharp pair of pants. These veteran fatigues can be worn as casual weekend pants or as something more appropriate for the office.

But what to wear with khaki pants? Here’s what you need to know about these pants.

What to Wear With Khaki Pants

Weekend Casual

Khaki pants are great because they are so easy to wear. You can throw them on like a pair of navy chinos; they usually look good with the same color combinations. For a casual weekend look, wear an open plaid shirt over a white t-shirt and finish with low-top sneakers.

With a Splash of Colour

Khaki is a neutral color that goes with almost any other color. It looks good with classic colors like navy, green, and burgundy and bright colors like orange and yellow. Try khaki pants with a sunshine-yellow hoodie and low-top canvas shoes when you’re not at work.

Khaki Prep

Khaki chino pants look best when they are part of an outfit that looks like a prep school put it together. Since the 1950s, Ivy League students have worn chinos and have been in almost every Combine with a checkered shirt and suede tassel loafers to get the look.

Khaki Workwear

Khaki will always subtly remind people of battle dress, especially if you choose functional designs with lots of pockets. Workwear clothes are all functional, but they are different enough that you don’t feel like you’re going to a reenactment.

Take these combat pants, which have wide legs and flat side pockets to make them look sleeker.

Khaki and Black

Khaki’s best friend might be black. The two colors go well together in a way that not many color combinations do. If you’ve never worn khaki pants before, the easiest way to wear them is to tuck in a black T-shirt and finish with black leather boots, which give a rugged look that you couldn’t get with sneakers.

Keep it Neutral

Khaki chino pants look great with black, but you can also pull them off by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral. You’ll be the most stylish guy on weekends if you wear pleated khaki pants, a heather gray sweater and off-white suede sneakers.

By Using Light Blue

This is a classic combination that will never fail. It can be worn on vacation or at the office in the summer. Khaki’s light colors go well with the light blue of the shirt, and the off-white canvas sneakers add a casual touch to keep things from getting too formal.

Smart Casual Khaki Pants

Fitted khaki pants are perfect for finishing off a navy blazer and white shirt. But they can be worn with more things than you might think. For example, they add a sharp look to casual clothes like T-shirts, roll necks, and light jackets. Just make sure that the jacket and pants fit are the same—not too tight and loose—and you’ll be good to go.


Overall, khaki chino pants are great in your closet because you can use them in many different ways. They’re a versatile pair of pants worn to work, on a date, to the park, and so much more. You can wear pants with many different things to make many outfits from one pair. Remember all the tips and outfit suggestions we gave you above, and you’ll always look good.




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