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Finding, and Recovering Secured Assets is Lincoln and Morgan’s Specialty

Services for company mediation and UCC lien enforcement are offered by Lincoln and Morgan. Due to our expertise in this area, we can negotiate lien releases wherever possible and ensure the greatest recovery of the secured assets. The parties may settle their dispute through mediation rather than use collateral surrender. To get the optimum outcome, every feasible option of action is carefully examined. We consider all available possibilities before deciding on enforcement in the end. We may depend on our extensive countrywide network of knowledgeable credit rights attorneys when we need a local presence.

If necessary, they can litigate to regain the collateral through mediation. To overcome the challenges posed by any one site, it is imperative to have a strong local and national presence, and this priceless resource gives us both. We provide each collateral inquiry with our unique, customized attention. We have partnered with the best asset locators in the nation to find, inspect, and assess the collateral we have acquired. This enables us to respond quickly and safeguard the collateral.

Our costs are far lower than those of more traditional methods. We perform rigorous and detailed financial investigations in each instance requiring the execution of a UCC lien. The business is included, as well as any guarantors, landlords, or successor enterprises. This gives us the knowledge and confidence to make any additional investigations that may be required. The lien holder may choose what steps to take next after being informed of any discrepancies in the borrower’s financial records.

Tracking down and enforcing liens under the Uniform Commercial Code

Having the full market value of the pledged assets as collateral secured by the security agreement and confirmed by the UCC Lien is the major advantage of owning a secured commercial lien. The security agreement lists the precisely secured collateral that is being committed. A difficulty develops when the financing agreement is in default and the receiver still won’t produce the secured collateral. Commercial loanees often only succeed after appropriately releasing the promised collateral. To evade the UCC Lien holder and their rights to the collateral, they commonly choose to maintain, remove, or even sell the secured collateral without consent.

Recover the stolen valuables by tracking them down and recovering them

Finding, recognizing, and upholding Commercial UCC Liens and Secured Assets are areas in which we are specialists. Lincoln and Morgan have worked hard to create a nationwide network of detectives, asset finders, knowledgeable attorneys, and local police officials. We are the finest in the nation at swiftly and securely locating and identifying the pledged collateral. Once the assets have been retrieved, we will carefully coordinate with neighborhood and regional retailers, wholesalers, and auctioneers to make sure we obtain the best price when selling the things. The best strategy for the holder of a UCC Lien to safeguard their investment and maximize their return is to treat the collateral with reasonable care and sell it for the highest price feasible.

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