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BMW Plug | Popular Interior Customization Ideas For Your Car

These days, the interior of cars receives a lot of attention and research and development dollars from manufacturers. Compared to their primitive beginnings, it is reasonable to claim they have progressed greatly. These days, they are packed with many convenience and safety features that vastly improve the time spent behind the wheel. To be sure, the potential for adding further aftermarket components is still almost boundless. This article will discuss interior modification and provide a list of great aftermarket additions, such as the BMW plug, that will make your car’s inside stand out. 

Car Interior Modification Ideas

Car interior modification is not necessary for every car owner. However, adding a personal touch to your vehicle can be fun. You can consider the following ideas:-

  • Upholstery

Once you get inside your automobile, the seats are one of the most vital parts. Fabric seats are standard in almost all sub-C vehicle models. They are now professionally crafted yet still lack a luxury feel. This may be remedied by swapping some aftermarket seat coverings for a more comfortable ride. Depending on your needs and budget, you may get replacement seat covers in various materials, hues, and costs. PU leather, a synthetic material, is increasingly used since it is durable and inexpensive. Seat coverings may completely transform a vehicle’s aesthetic, so it’s important to choose carefully to avoid a mismatch. 

  • Steering Wheel

If you own a BMW car, you can even replace the steering wheel of your car without any safety compromisation. Various certified modifiers in the market provide a BMW carbon fiber steering wheel. You have the option to choose the design and material of the steering wheel handle. Plus, some BMW cars can transfer the OEM airbags and side buttons. Thus, these airbags and side buttons are installed on the custom steering wheel. This modification leads to enhancing the luxury appeal and comfort of your car. 

  • Floor Mats

Besides the driver’s seat and the controls, the floor mats in a vehicle are among the first things people notice when they enter. Floor mats not only improve the look of your vehicle’s interior but also protect the carpeting or vinyl flooring from grime and grit. Floor mats are easier to clean than the car’s interior panels since they are detachable and may be taken out of the vehicle. Floor mats may be found in various styles, colors, and materials. The best option is the one made of a felt base with rubber panels added to the high-wear areas. Make sure the floor mats you’re considering fit your vehicle before you buy them. 

  • USB Plug Outlets

It’s incredible to think about how much our lives have changed because of the USB port. Almost all of your electronic devices may be charged using a USB plug. Because of this, even the vehicle industry has started including at least one USB BMW plug. However, let’s be honest: a single USB port is seldom sufficient. One more USB plug socket would be useful in this situation. These plug into the car’s auxiliary input and provide two, three, or even four USB ports.  

  • Storage Pouches

These days, practicality is a major design consideration while building an automobile. Manufacturers now routinely provide vehicles with several cup holders, storage compartments, and other types of concealed stowage. However, there is still a chance that you may eventually run out of storage space. Attachable storage is ideal for this situation. These bags may be fastened to various parts of the seat and often include many compartments designed to accommodate bottles and other goods.

The Bottomline

Car interior customization can be done by professionals at a car customization shop. However, it is important to research and compare different customization options and accessories like the BMW m4 steering wheel before making any decisions, as well as considering the overall cost and potential impact on the value of your car.



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