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8 Reasons to make Wayanad your next Backpacking

Overview –

Trekking is one of the top things to do in Wayanad on any adventurer’s list because it offers some entrancing locations. Wayanad hiking gives hikers a choice based on the level of bravery they choose to expend by providing a wide range of difficulty levels with several mountain ranges to climb on.

Wayanad, Kerala’s paradise on Earth, is surrounded by dazzling flora and fauna. You will be treated to seeing the strange contrast of excitement and tranquilly because it is set against the backdrop of the gorgeous mountains and forests. This location has everything needed for an amazing hiking excursion, including rolling grasslands, mysterious hills, lush forests, blue skies, and the hard trail.

The top locations for Wayanad trekking are listed below:

Trekking at Chembra Peak: The Chembra Peak, which is situated south of the municipality of Kalpetta, is regarded as one of the top trekking locations in Wayanad. This four-hour trek to the summit of the mountain is worth all the effort you will put in to conquer the obstacles on the journey, with a gorgeous backdrop of the tall mountains and greenery.

Don’t forget to obtain the forest department’s approval; you can do this at the office, which is located a few miles from the base’s starting point. One of the best spots for Wayanad hiking, the expedition gets bonus marks for having a lake with a heart shape because of it.

The Banasura Trek-

This journey is the ideal destination if you’re searching for some much-needed “me time” away from the bustle and noise of the busy cit life. The Banasura Hills are an excellent place to begin your Wayanad Trekking because they perfectly encapsulate Kerala’s natural splendour.

This one-day walk, which begins at the Banasura Dam, is of moderate difficulty and features rolling grasslands and a variety of challenging terrains. In the peak season, which runs from September to January, the area attracts a large number of trekkers from all over the world.

The easiest site to hike in Wayanad is Edakkal Cave, which is perfect if you’re a beginner. The trail consists of climbing a straight, fixed path past a number of shops selling refreshments, clothing, and handmade items.

Even though it is a straightforward trek in Wayanad, you should check your footwear before you begin to ensure that you can handle the lengthy walk like a pro. This is one of the best treks in Wayanad

Due to their historic ties, the Edakkal caves are more than just a destination for hiking. They are a haven for those seeking to fill their knowledge tanks. If you want to learn more about the facts and myths that the region is known for, you can also engage local tour guides.

Soochipoora trek-

The Soochipara or Sentinel Rock Falls offer a breathtaking spectacle you cannot miss to enrapture, falling from a height of 656 feet. Even experienced hikers find it challenging, but one of the best Wayanad trekking locations, reaching the peak after ascending via the waterfall, is not only a worthwhile expedition but also something you can brag about.

When the monsoon arrives, the grass turns greener, providing trekkers with an amazing sight. This trekking excursion has it all for a nerve-wracking extravaganza, making it one of the best Wayanad trekking locations. It features raging three-tiered waterfalls, challenging terrain, and alpine forests.

This trek is a special enclosure for the migratory birds that make this hill their homes for the winter. In Malayalam, the phrase “abode of birds” means. There is no better place to go birdwatching because there are so many uncommon species, particularly bats, and it is one of the top Wayanad trekking routes.

The verdant hills, meadows, grasslands, and deep forests will undoubtedly enchant you and give you a glimpse of nirvana. Due to the abundance of caves in the area, you can even try your hand at cave diving. This walk can be a little challenging at times since there are no appropriate roads.

adventurous trekking in Wayanad?

  1. One of the most popular adventure treks to take in Wayanad is the Chembra Trek. With a height of 2100 metres, the exquisite Chembra elevation is one of the highest peaks in Southern Kerala. It is one of the most beautiful places in Wayanad for hiking because of the quantity of thick woods, camping areas, and flora and wildlife that can be found along the way up.
  2. Brahmagiri peak trek: The breathtakingly magnificent Bramhagiri peaks are a top-notch spot for a trekking excursion. Enjoy the summit’s entrancing views of the tranquil surroundings as you create beautiful memories with your loved ones. Tourists will also encounter Asian elephants, vast wilderness, glistening lakes, and entertaining camping sites as they make their way up.

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