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Wedding Invitation Cards are First Impression of Your Event

A wedding is one of the most memorable days in everyone’s life. People try to make it more special by uniquely planning different things. Sending invitations to the guests is one of the most important things. It gives the first impression of your event. Experimenting with new and innovative ideas can make people remember your event in their memories.  Invitation cards boxes are becoming extensively popular these days. They are customized in an array of sizes, shapes, and styles. The packaging box manufacturers work on enticing designs to make them more attractive to the customers. The invitation cards boxes are decorated with ribbons, ornaments and various artistic options to enhance the grace.

Wedding Invitation Cards Design them in a Unique Way:

Designing your Custom printed Wedding Card Holders – The Custom Boxes uniquely is the best way to inspire guests. It makes them look forward to your event. You have an array of options in this regard. Wholesale invitation printing can make its display highly adorable. Use bright and bold colors for designing card boxes for weddings. Such color custom packaging helps you in making a style statement. Fascinating colors and attractive designs create a remarkable impression.

Go for distinctive shapes and sizes. Select an innovative design that makes your fancy boxes stand out from others. Hand calligraphy, brushstroke lettering, and hand-style fonts are some of the unique ideas. Being creative with the design of the box is the best way to stand out. Introduce wedding card box with lock or work on flip top boxes with magnetic catch to surprise the guests at its best.

Wedding Invitation Cards Use Special Materials:

Whenever you think of how to make gift card boxes for weddings, never ignore the type and quality of the material. Usually, a folded paper card comes to your mind, forget it. Try to use different materials like wood, metal or some fabric. Making a combination of designs with wood and iron using craftsmanship will make your invitations eye catchy for guests. Try to be innovative with a cloth. Hand-write the invitation on a piece of fabric and roll it. All these ideas create a wonderful first impression of your event.

Select Proper Printing Methods:

The way you print your wedding invitation boxes wholesale builds the expectations of the guests about your event. Choosing an appropriate printing method put forward your design in a better way. It gives a unique visual effect to your box for wedding cards. Spend your time and effects on finding out the latest printing trends. Going for engraving, letterpress, foil stamp, and digital printing can help you in designing the invitations perfectly. Address them beautifully by using calligraphy. Such custom luxury boxes for invitation creates a great impact on guests.

Get your Personalized Embossed Stamp:

Personalized stamps are a great way to make a memorable impression on the guests. It gives a glimpse of the event that they are going to have much more. You can use them on boxes for invitation or for adding names and addresses on the envelopes. There is a large variety of custom rubber stamps available in the market. Get them personalized from any wholesale manufacturer. If you get an embossed one, that’s even much better. It can convert simple white boxes with lids to adorable ones. Such an elegant touch would never escape your guests.

Work on Various Add-on Options:

The way you design your gift card box for weddings portrays what type of event it is going to be. To excite the guests it is essential to work on different add-on options. The designers have unlimited options in this regard. Adding a colorful ribbon to your wedding card box ensures that everything is coupled perfectly together. You may also add a little tag for a special touch. Another option is to be creative with punches. Make your corners or edges fancy by using a special punch machine or a box die cutter. You may find it in different sizes and designs at a craft store. It is really easy if you give it a try.

Experiment first on perforated invitation paper. Make sure that you have a bit of time, a comfortable table and a steady hand. There is another little trick to give an expensive look to your plain wedding card boxes. Gild the edges with a golden marker. This will make the text and design even more prominent. Using twine, beads and other ornaments is a great way to work on the external display of your invitation cards.

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