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Top 10 Texas Commercial Real Estate Lenders

Commercial Real Estate Lenders: We can help you find Texas commercial lenders. These nine Texas commercial banks and three Texas private lenders were hand-picked by our team of CRE specialists and retail brokers. We evaluated their reliability, flexibility, and ability to serve Texas’ middle market in commercial real estate.

Brian Hwang, former Director for Lender Relationships and contributor to this listing, said, “These banks are integrated into local Texas communities that serve them,” and they have a long and robust history of real estate lending in their respective areas.

Hwang stated that Texas-based private lenders/debt funds have “strong track records of active origination in Texas markets,” making them reliable and proven options.

This article will help determine which Texas commercial lender best suits your project. Many lenders are available, from construction loans to multifamily permanent loan options.

10 Top Commercial Banks in Texas For Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate developers and investors love the security and low interest rates banks offer. These Texas banks provide great options for permanent and construction loans and bridge loans for multifamily, hotel, retail, office, and industrial projects.

You might not be eligible for a traditional commercial mortgage if your project isn’t in one of these categories. If this is you, please skip to the section for private lenders.

1. Wallis Bank

Wallis Bank claims to have survived the Great Depression, the World Wars, and the Great Recession without government assistance.

They are also active in multifamily, hotels, and industrial real estate.

2. Commercial Lending USA

Commercial Lending USA is a Louisiana-based Online Lender that focuses on building solid relationships. It serves Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. This commercial lender is an excellent choice if you want a bank with thoughtful values and active involvement in the community.

Commercial Lending USA is involved in self-storage and student housing, townhome constructions, medical office, manufactured housing, and medical office.

3. Alliance Bank

Valliance Bank, a community bank with a Texas location, is expanding rapidly into Texas.

Valliance Bank is involved in construction financing, bridge loan, and permanent loans.

4. Dallas Capital Bank

Dallas Capital Bank lends throughout the DFW metropolitan area. The bank is known for providing professional advice and insight on commercial real estate financing in Dallas. Dallas Capital Bank is a networked bank with many connections with local investors, finance experts, and real estate professionals. It will help you to make your project a success.

Dallas Capital Bank offers construction, bridge, and permanent loans for multifamily, office, and industrial real estate.

5. Texas Gulf Bank

The bank is located in Houston, Texas, and focuses on southeast Texas. You already know the rapid growth of Houston if you are looking to invest in it. Texas Gulf Bank will help you grow.

They lend on multifamily homes, townhomes, and retail real estate.

6. Woodforest National Bank

Woodfordest National Bank has over 40 years of experience in lending. It is one of the most respected community banks in the United States. 

Woodforest National Bank lends to commercial, industrial, and retail real estate in Texas and other large markets across the country. They offer permanent and construction loans.

7. Texas Capital Bank

Newsweek has named Texas Capital Bank the most trusted bank in America. It is a respected institution for its outstanding leadership and relationship management.

Texas Capital Bank is an excellent option for multifamily construction in all major Texas markets.

8. Third Coast Bank SSB

Third Coast Bank, SSB, was founded in 2008 in Humble, Texas. It is located in Houston, MSA.

Third Coast Bank SSB offers flexibility and a “common-sense approach” to lending. This bank is a local community bank and is ideal for Houston deals under $10M.

Texas 3 Debt Funds & Private Lenders

Sometimes it is worth paying more interest to have the option of working with private lenders and debt funds. These are the Texas commercial real-estate lenders you should consider.

9. Flagship Capital Partners

Flagship Capital Partners sponsors investment funds.

10. Peak Rock Capital

Peak Rock Capital has been a leading investor in middle-market commercial real estate. The Texas commercial lending institution has $4 billion in assets and over 70 investments. Its headquarters are located in Austin, TX, and London, UK.

Peak Rock Capital provides multifamily and industrial bridge loans, mezzanine, and preferred equity.

Which Texas bank or Texas lender should I choose?

Your project, your needs, and your decision will determine your final decision.

Hwang stated that Texas commercial lenders are the best choice.

Hwang stated that relationship banks provide bank-level service and “some of the most affordable debt capital in the marketplace.”

Banks offer stability and lower interest rates. However, private lenders and debt funds can be more creative with credit structures and lend asset types to projects and other assets that banks won’t approve.

Texas Commercial Lending Made Easy

We make it easy to find the right commercial realty lender for your project. Analyzing can become difficult. Lev can help you find Texas commercial real-estate financing. Find additional lenders here.



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