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Types of Window Tint film and their functions

When home or business owners begin researching their qualifying options, they are often confused by the terminology used in the film. This article will describe the various types of film and the conditions under which they provide the greatest benefit. This additional information can help you explore the various deals and packages offered by local and national Window Tint film companies.

All films start life the same way, like normal plastics. This plastic is melted and stretched until it is thin enough for any Window Tint film application. They are all treated with chemical UV blockers and coated to make the film more scratch resistant. This is considered a basic tint film and can be used without issue if the customer simply wants a UV-blocking film.

Tinted films

Tinted films are the most common and are the type of film that many people think of when they think of tinted windows. The colored film is further treated with an endothermic colored dye. The film fits inside the Window Tint film, where the absorbed heat is retained in the glass and reabsorbed outside.

A small portion of the absorbed heat leaks into the interior, but it is negligible, especially when compared to the heat absorbed by a vehicle with untreated windows. Due to its absorbent properties, this film is most commonly used on automobiles, boats, and other outdoor or recreational vehicles.

Deposited films

Deposited films are formed by pulling the film through a bath to treat it with metal. Typically aluminum or nichrome is used, but some companies offer copper-treated deposited films. These metal particles repel heat and also act as an insulator. This type of film is mainly used in office buildings, as the film is usually a bit thicker than tinted film to accommodate the metal. The result is a darker, more reflective film that many businesses use to “outshine” other buildings. The types of metals that can be used in this process are quite short, so deposited films often do not offer the same colors and patterns as other pigmented film variants.

Sprayed films

Sprayed films are similar to deposit films in that both use various metals to produce heat-rejecting films. However, spray films are manufactured differently, which means that customers have more options. Sputtered films are produced in a vacuum chamber and bombard the film with metal ions using a chemically inert gas, which is evenly dispersed on the film surface. Thanks to this technique, the amount of metal that can be used in its production is much greater than the amount of metal deposited on the film, and the final result is a film that is lighter in color and less reflective. This allows for more variation in color and pattern, making this film the preferred choice for homeowners.

Hybrid films

Hybrid films are exactly what they sound like: a combination of film that combines reflective and non-reflective metals to achieve the benefits of each type of film. A typical example is a film treated with a gray tint and titanium coating. The tint version alone gives a very dark-toned film, while the titanium coating alone gives a highly reflective finish. But when the two are combined, each component softens the other, and the result is a film with less darkness and less glare in reflectivity.

These four types of thin films—tinted, deposited, sprayed, and hybrid—can offer unique advantages. While automobiles and exterior vehicles are typically only tinted with tint films, home and business owners have more options thanks to the variety of technologies surrounding tint window films and their application. Whether you’re concerned about tinting the windows in your home or office, learning about the types of film available and what they can do will help you choose the right one for your needs.

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