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Gear Cutting Tools; Gear Milling Tools: An Overview

Over the years, the tools used in the manufacturing business have evolved in a way and so many manufacturers have decided to try and venture into making these tools. Many even go as far as manufacturing and supplying to various stores and companies themselves. This is how far they would go to protect their secrets. It is in this light that they made the gear cutter tool.

These tools are of different brands, of course, and ranges. Some big companies would offer you a comprehensive range of tools and with their many years in manufacturing, they would also offer the highest level of prof duct quality and even down to the tiniest detail.

Reasons, why you should buy from a good company are not just one. These companies are quite reliable with their jobs and are very good partners. They would offer you a wide range of innovative ideas and developments and also durable tools to use in your company.

Since companies that are well-known for producing these tools have customers all over the works, their products are usually in high demand. This also means that you cannot miss a step with them.

They would offer you tool calculations, design and production and aside from these, and they include you will get good customer service and after-sale service.

The different types of cutting tools are

  • Shaving cutters. They are usually available for all gear-shaving procedures and they include modules 0.5 to 12.7; helix angle up to 45°; maximum tool diameter of 305mm; maximum tool width of 65mm; slotting, straight and spinal with a positive front rake angle; and lastly the root shape: milled or drilled.
  • Roller deburring tools. These are used to create chamfers in the workpiece making use of the generating method. The different types of chamfering include parallel, comma-shaped and parallel with a chamfer at the tooth root surface.
  • Master gears. These are usually manufactured up to the quality and the types of gauges used or available are master gears, plug gauges and ring gauges.
  • CBN bringing tools. These tools are available as grinding worms and as profile grinding discs which usually come with an electroplated CBN coating. This coating is customised mainly for the machine requirements and the following types of bringing worms are available:  roughing and finishing worms, mono-finishing worms and combination worms with profile grinding discs.


One thing you should take note of with gear tools is that they may wear and tear easily if you do not take care of them well.

They must be well lubricated and stored in a dry place away from the sun to avoid rusting and wearing out.

Many manufacturing companies would provide you with services whereby they check out your tools for you and help you maintain them.

They may even provide you with a guarantee on those tools, this way you spend less and your tools are better.

Tools like gear milling cutters do not just need you to use them, you must also as explained above,  know how to manage them. This is why it is expedient for you to hire someone who knows their way around these tools.

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