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The Top Collegiate Fonts for Designers and How to Choose the Right One

Collegiate fonts have become a popular choice in the world of graphic design, particularly for sports-related designs and branding. Their classic look and bold style make them stand out and convey a sense of tradition and strength.

However, with so many collegiate fonts to choose from, it can be difficult for designers to know which one to use and how to use it effectively. 

This article aims to provide information on the top collegiate fonts for designers and how to choose the right one for their projects.

What is a Collegiate Font?

Collegiate font, also known as varsity font, is a type of display font characterized by its bold, blocky lettering and sans-serif style. 

It is often associated with American collegiate and sports-related design, and is commonly used for team logos, event posters, and other related branding materials. 

The style of collegiate font can vary, but they all share certain features, such as thick lines and clean, geometric shapes. 

Collegiate font has been popular for many years and has evolved over time to include various styles and variations.

History and evolution of collegiate font

The history of collegiate font dates back to the early 20th century, when it was used by colleges and universities to create a distinct visual identity for their athletic programs. At this time, the font was typically a serif style with a more ornate appearance. 

Over time, the style evolved to become more simplified and bold, reflecting the changing trends in design.

In the 1960s and 1970s, collegiate font saw a resurgence in popularity, particularly in sports-related design. The font style became even more simplified, with thick, blocky letters and sans-serif styling becoming more common. 

This style was seen as a reflection of the changing cultural landscape, with a focus on bold, simple design elements.

In recent years, collegiate font has continued to evolve and diversify, with a range of styles and variations available for designers to choose from. 

Some fonts have a more vintage feel, while others are more modern and sleek. Additionally, many designers have begun incorporating hand-drawn elements into their collegiate font designs, giving them a more unique and personalized feel.

Top Collegiate Fonts for Designers:

There are a number of popular collegiate fonts that designers may consider when creating designs with a sporty or academic feel. Some of the top options include:


As the name suggests, this font is specifically designed for use in college and university-themed designs. It features a bold, blocky style with a classic serif font that is both timeless and versatile. It is ideal for use in sports logos, apparel, and posters.


This font is similar to Collegiate, but with a more modern and streamlined appearance. It features a sans-serif style with thick, bold lines that make it perfect for use in athletic logos, posters, and other sports-related designs.

Old School: 

This font has a more vintage feel, with a classic serif style that is reminiscent of old-school academic designs. It is ideal for use in collegiate logos, apparel, and other designs that require a more traditional and academic feel.

Sports World: 

This font is another popular choice for sports-related designs, with a bold, blocky style that is both modern and eye-catching. It is ideal for use in logos, apparel, and other designs that require a strong, athletic feel.


This font features a bold, sans-serif style that is perfect for use in athletic logos, posters, and other designs that require a strong, modern look. Its clean lines and simple design make it a versatile choice for a variety of applications.

When choosing a collegiate font for a particular design, it’s important to consider the overall look and feel of the design, as well as the intended audience and purpose of the design. For example, a more vintage font like Old School may be better suited for a design that is intended to evoke a sense of tradition and history, while a more modern font like Athletic may be better suited for a design that is intended to feel bold and dynamic.

How to Choose the Right Collegiate Font?

When choosing a collegiate font for a design, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips to help you choose the right collegiate font:


Consider the style of the font and how it fits with the overall theme and purpose of the design. For example, a more traditional and classic collegiate font may be better suited for a vintage sports poster, while a more modern and bold font may be better suited for a contemporary sports team logo.


Ensure that the font is easily legible, even at smaller sizes. Avoid overly ornate or complex fonts that can be difficult to read.


Consider where the design will be used and choose a font that will work well in that context. For example, a font used for a sports team logo may need to be more bold and attention-grabbing than a font used for a website header.


When using multiple fonts in a design, consider how the collegiate font pairs with other typography choices. It’s important to choose fonts that complement each other and create a cohesive look.


While collegiate fonts have a distinct style, there are still ways to make them unique and fit specific design needs. Experiment with different effects, such as adding a texture or changing the color, to create a custom look that fits your design.

By considering these factors and following these tips, you can choose the right collegiate font for your design and create a visually appealing and effective composition.


In conclusion, collegiate fonts are a popular choice for designers when creating sports-related designs or adding a vintage touch to their work. 

With so many options available, it’s important to consider factors such as style, readability, and purpose when selecting the right collegiate font for a project.

 Designers can also experiment with customizations to make the font unique and better suited to their specific design needs. By following these tips and guidelines, designers can effectively incorporate collegiate fonts into their work and create visually appealing designs that resonate with their audience.



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